Jenni Steele.

A woman with a passion and a purpose
Mother | Founder Project YANA CIC
Author | YPIDVA & ISVA
National Ambassador DVUK
Media Personality

Jenni Steele

With her British Caribbean upbringing, Jenni understands the true meaning of overcoming adversity and has used her life lessons to make a difference to the world – she is a woman who lives her life out loud.

After surviving years of domestic violence as a teenager, Jenni found her strength and escaped from her turmoil. She made a promise to herself to not only rebuild her life and recognise her own self-worth but to also support others who were living with abuse.

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Teaching staff

“Students at BSix Sixth Form College were given the opportunity to attend a session with Jenni on healthy and unhealthy relationships, domestic violence, and social media pressures. We were all in awe of Jenni, her life experiences, and session delivery. The interactivity of topical discussions paired with video clips and the YANA movie were perfect for our students. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Jenni for giving us her time and empowering our young women.”

Teaching staff

BSix Sixth Form in Hackney